Annie Sakkab

Annie Sakkab's Strip Search can be seen in Act 1 of Acts of Exposure, the Gallery 44 Members' Show in Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival 2012

Annie Sakkab's Strip Search can be seen in Part 1 of Acts of Exposure

ANNIE SAKKAB is an emerging documentary and landscape photographer who lives in Toronto. Born in Jordan, and having worked in London, Rome, Dubai and Amman, her documentary work is heavily influenced by social and identity issues, seeking to create awareness and evoke change.

An honours graduate in fine art and graphic design, Annie’s landscape portfolio exhibits the eye and composition of the trained artist as she explores nature’s patterns, textures and harmonious beauty. Fascinated by interpreting remote, wide open spaces, her work inspires a range of emotions and intense reflection.

Her work has appeared in various exhibitions in Toronto and abroad.



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