Kelly Lamorie

In the fading light 3

Kelly Lamorie is showing her work in Part 1 of Acts of Exposure

KELLY LAMORIE started taking pictures in the early 1980s when she acquired an ultra-cool Kodak disc camera. Since then she has chosen camera equipment that is in non-disc format. In the 1990s, she went to film school at Ryerson where she was inspired to develop an aesthetic after studying films that were both meditative and poetic. Kelly’s photographs reveal a willingness to transform relatively commonplace subject matter, synthesizing the real/banal into a new reality. She increasingly looks to the natural world as a subject, exploiting natural lighting to expose the hyper-real, lurking within everyday subjects. Kelly’s work has been exhibited at AWOL Gallery, Skeir Gallery and Gallery 1313 in Toronto.

Contact: kelly.lamorie(at)

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