Nicole Croiset

Nicole Croiset's work is part of Acts of Exposure, the Gallery 44 Members' show, part of Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival 2012

Nicole Croiset's work can be seen in Part 1 of Acts of Exposure

NICOLE CROISET lives and works in Toronto. She is a media artist, and her current research is directed towards the interactive and immersive arts. She uses a lot of photography in her artwork and started to print large format composite images on a giclée printer for the last few years. She exhibited a 3D photo installation in the members’ gallery at G44 in January 2011. Her works have been shown in Canada, Europe, and the United States. Some of her works are in public collections such as Fond National d’Art Contemporain (France), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Getty Museum – special collections room (Los Angeles)

Photo & interactive art:

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