Thomas Hlavacek

Thomas Hlavacek's Convergence is in Acts of Exposure, the Gallery 44 Members Show at Gallery 1313 in the 2012 Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

Thomas Hlavacek's work can be seen in Part 2 of Acts of Exposure

THOMAS HLAVACEK is a Czech-born, Toronto-based artist whose practice includes photography and video. He studied at New England School of Photography (Boston, Massachusetts), Algonquin College (Ottawa, Ontario), and Toronto School of Art.

The work of Thomas Hlavacek explores the liminal region that lies between perception and “fact”. Everyday objects can appear distorted, familiar spaces hostile or ephemeral. Meaning becomes complex, fluid, unpredictable. But there is beauty, alien.

Hlavacek’s recent photographs depict structures that populate the urban landscape, but mostly receive so little attention as to remain virtually unseen. By isolating these architectural fragments from a recognizable context, the viewer is invited to confront them in their own reality – and their own unique strangeness.

Contact: tjhlavacek(at)

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