Linda Briskin

Linda Briskin's photograph part of Scotiabank Contact 2012

Linda Briskin is showing her work in Part 2 of Acts of Exposure

Linda Briskin has ever-shifting photographic enthusiasms, what she calls ‘photoglossia’. Light, lines, shadows, and the play of figure-ground; the juxtaposition of objects and reflections; the ambiguities in what we choose to see; the permeability between the remembered and the imagined; and alternative digital colourscapes which remind us that landscape is invented through our gaze.

For Acts of Exposure (Contact 2012), she will exhibit from a new series, Foot Prints. These portraits of feet captured in movement illuminate life histories. They capture contemplations, conversations, and journeys, and are rich with suggestive narratives. In recent years, solo shows: “An Hour from the City” (2007), “Counterpoint” (2009), Ode to Julia Margaret Cameron (2009), Photoglossia (2010), and Memory Invented (forthcoming 2012).

Contact: lbriskin(at)

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